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The website was created to provide visitors with an alternative view on the world’s major events and their true causes. By following the ‘mosaic’ of evidence visitors are taken on a journey of discovery, one that connects the dots to reveal a secret agenda that has been hidden in plain sight for many generations.

This website is also intended to be a tribute to all those who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth, often at great personal risk and against much adversity.

The Mosaic.. 

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The Mosaic is an interactive image designed to be used as a tool for anyone seeking to understand the true nature of our reality and the games being played within it. The information presented within each coordinate on The Mosaic is merely the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and we strongly recommend that all visitors do their own independent research to gain a better understanding of any one subject or event. The aim of this website is to expose the bigger picture and present the information in a way that is digestible and easy to disseminate, in the hope that it can reach more people and aid with the current global awakening.

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