Extra-Terrestrial / Extra-Dimensional Involvement

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It will come as no surprise to many to learn that both extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional entities have been involved in affairs here on Earth for a very long time.


There are numerous reports of physical beings visiting us at different times in our history, the most common of which are the stereotypical ‘greys’ that are often associated with the modern alien abduction phenomenon and Hollywood movies.


There are however, many accounts of other types of beings that are interacting with us, most notably; reptilian humanoids, and other very human looking tall blondes, often referred to as ‘Nordics’ or ‘Aryans’. It is even claimed by some that there are races visiting Earth and interacting with us that look; “exactly like we do, to the point you could be sitting next to one on a bus or park bench and never know”. These groups have varying motives for their involvement with Earth, both in our current time and throughout our history.




The concept of an extra-dimensional presence on Earth is not a new one. The philosophies of almost every religion, from the very first druid and pagan beliefs to modern day religions and the new age movement, agree that there are other dimensional beings that exist and interact with this world from beyond our perception.


Christianity came to call these ‘angels’ and ‘demons’, where as Islam refers to them as ‘Jinns’.




As humans, we can only perceive a very small portion of the vibrational reality that exists around us. The 5 senses of the human body can only decode a small band of the information that is present, being decoded by our ears (via audible sound) and by our eyes (which can only see the very narrow spectrum that we call ‘visible light’) into the world that we perceive.


In the same way that television and radio channels, or the wireless Internet exist in the space all around us, so too do these other realities. Some of these dimensions operate on a vibrational level that is very close to our own, and every now and then, in the same way that you get an overlap or interference with two radio stations, two dimensions will overlap or interfere with each other, manifesting in phenomenon such as perceived ‘ghost’ sightings.




Both the extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional interaction that has been occurring can be categorized as one of two types; it is either positive involvement or negative involvement.


The positive involvement is always to help another entity or civilisation to grow. The negative involvement is always to enslave and control an entity or civilisation. Both gain growth and ‘polarisation’ in their chosen direction by succeeding in either case.


Due to the law of free will, to help, enslave or control must be done through consent. On the positive side this concept is easy to understand, as when you are in need of help you would ask for it first and then it would be given and gratefully received. The positive individual giving this help would also feel a sense of ease in assisting the other self, because there is almost an ‘open channel’ allowing the positive energy transfer to occur.


On the negative side, enslavement is not something that a person would consciously ask for, therefore the negative individual trying to manipulate must be devious in doing so to receive the equivalent energy transfer.


On the negative side enslavement is not something a person would consciously ask for, therefore the negative individual trying to manipulate must be devious in doing so to receive the equivalent energy transfer. By trying to help or control someone without their consent brings many obvious examples of resistance that we understand in society, the result of this is a blockage of the intended energy transfer causing depolarization.


Throughout Earth’s history this conflict between those who want controlling power against those who want freedom is defined in almost every major event. This concept is also focused upon in film and television; more often than not there will be a storyline based on a character finding themselves in the situation of having to make a choice that is of either a selfish or selfless nature.


This choice is the backbone of this reality and is the fork in the road for the evolution of not only the individual dwelling upon the planet but also for the collective consciousness of the planet as a whole. Just like ‘the butterfly effect’ every choice made by everyone has an effect on those directly around them, as it causes the energy vibration being emitted from a person to change depending on the intention of the choice being made. This effect then spreads out from the center subtly affecting the wider consciousness of the planet, and the larger the initial “splash”, the larger the effect.




With this is mind one can take a step back and appreciate the potential energy movement possible when the focus of an entire nation or continent is changed in one way or another. This can either be a positive focus such as freedom and love, or a negative focus such as war and fear. It is this focus of collective energy that is the driving force behind the illusion that we create and call ‘reality’.


In the case of Planet Earth we currently have a very unique situation, with an empire based negative agenda being implemented by a self-created elite, who are trying to impose a system of control onto what is essentially a positive planet energy grid. This is done through many forms of manipulation, and with help from other higher density (or extra-dimensional) negative entities. The outcome of this intervention has given rise to various counter measures being put in place by the higher-level positive forces. At this time they are doing all they can to assist with the realignment of the planet back to its true vibration. However, due to the very nature of these two opposing forces, their approach to the situation is very different. The tool of the positive entity is Love and the tool of the negative entity is Fear.


If fear is given to someone from a higher source for any reason, then this is an attempt to control and manipulate. Fear can be presented in many different ways but the end result is to manipulate an individual or group into making a choice based on this fear and not on their own intuition, which would be in favour of the entity sending this energy.


Depending on which vibrational level or ‘density’ the negative entity or group is from, this fear can either be presented through direct physical interaction (such as alien abductions or visitations), or through a non-physical negative thought projection into the individual’s mind. This then allows the free will of an individual to choose to focus in on that thought, giving it energy and manifesting it in to their reality. This is a prime example of the devious manipulation that is employed by negative high-level extra-dimensional groups, as unless the person can realize the true origin of the initial thought, they can be led to believe that it was their own, when in fact it had been given to the sub-conscious mind without the conscious mind knowing.


On the positive side, every call for help or assistance is always responded to with love, light and truth. Anything other than this is not positive involvement. When help is received from a positive source, it is always with a feeling of connection, enlightenment and relief from pain. Knowledge and wisdom are presented in various ways to help beings re-align with their true path, if they somehow become lost through their own choices. Although the information asked for will be presented in some way shape or form, it is still up to the individual to choose to focus on it, again expressing the fundamental law of free will.


“The difference between the power of our creator and anything else, particularly evil; that you can go into a pitch black room full of evil, full of darkness, and light a candle – and instantly, that darkness flees – but you can’t do the opposite. You can’t go into a well-lit room full of truth, and wisdom, and righteousness, and joy, and health, and harmony, with the universal power. You can’t take any amount of darkness and go into that well-lit room and have any effect whatsoever.”

- Dr Len Horowitz













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